Equidox Case Studies

Learn about how customers worked with Equidox software and our expert PDF remediation team to make their PDFs accessible and compliant.

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NOVA Boosts Course Pass Rate with Equidox

Equidox has empowered NOVA to convert PDFs into accessible HTML content, increasing its course pass rate for disabled students from 45 percent up to 75 percent in just a one-year time period.

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PDF remediation of SWL Toronto Project

We loved working with Equidox - they were very helpful as we worked through a large and complicated document. The Equidox team was exceptionally knowledgeable about the remediation and validation process and they were committed to meeting the highest bar. We are very proud of the work that we completed together and look forward to working together again soon.

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Rick Hansen Foundation uses Equidox for Accessible Documents

"Equidox has been a great solution for us. The user interface is simple, intuitive, and easy to use. The on-boarding demo was extremely helpful, and I was able to pick up and learn quickly. I like the flexibility of tagging different elements for reading order, hiding zones, etc. and being able to maintain the design, while making everything accessible in one PDF. The Equidox team has been extremely responsive to our questions and feedback. We're very pleased with how Equidox has helped us resolve our digital accessibility issues."

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CA Dept of Health Services Chose Equidox

Students making PDFs accessible

California Community College uses Equidox

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Clerk’s Office Chooses Equidox

"Adobe was a nightmare. It took so long to do the remediation - it wasn’t user-friendly. The Commonlook plug-in tool was cost-prohibitive for our needs. Staff loves using Equidox as a solution to make documents ADA compliant. It’s so much faster than Adobe. Equidox training was great, and it was very easy to learn. We were able to start fixing our documents in-house right away. When we need it, the support is responsive - not canned responses, but a real person helping us. Our return on investment was recouped very quickly. Equidox is well worth the money."

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Whitlock on Equidox: “Solid Customer Service from Start to Finish”

“One thing that was really solid from start to finish was the level of customer service. Whenever I had a question there was always a reply, and I always heard back within 24 hours...Because I was dropped into this new thing that I’d never done before, having someone there to help was essential. Everyone was great and helpful and I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21

Pier 21 Meets ACA Requirements with Equidox

After trying the software, Timm says, “It’s an amazing tool. It was very easy to get up to speed... Equidox is the easiest piece of software I’ve worked with.”

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Hill College meets 508 with Equidox

"I started the painstaking process of remediating [PDFs] using Acrobat DC Pro. This posed to be a time-consuming challenge. Our solution was Equidox. Equidox meets all of our criteria, web-based solution, and easy to use, just to name a few. By using Equidox, I reduced the amount of time spent on remediating a PDF by 70%. This is going on my third year using Equidox and I will continue to use this valuable tool to support our digital accessibility initiative.”

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