California Department of Health Services chose Equidox

DHCS provides for 13 million low-income CA residents

The California Department of Health Care System (DHCS) provides multiple services for over 13 million low-income California residents, over one-third of the state’s population.  DHCS chose Equidox PDF remediation software to ensure their healthcare information would reach everyone they serve.

DHCS needed their PDFs to be accessible

The CA Department of Healthcare System (DHCS) has hundreds of thousands of legacy PDF documents on their websites and is constantly creating new documents.  They recognized the need for their website and the PDF documents found there to be accessible and ADA compliant.

Adobe Acrobat wasn’t the answer

They began assessing PDF remediation software. After evaluating and training on Adobe Acrobat, they quickly found employees were struggling with the tool because it was too technical, too difficult to learn and use, and failed to provide quick and easy results.   They have over 400 employees and they needed a comprehensive group training option, which wasn’t possible with Adobe.

Equidox provided a solution

DHCS chose Equidox because they were searching for a PDF remediation tool that was faster, easier to learn and use, and provided a more comprehensive training program. That is exactly what they found. Equidox is a PDF remediation software tool, powered by artificial intelligence along with other automated technology.  These features make it significantly faster and easier to use.  They also provide a free customized training program that met the needs of DHCS’s 400 employees.

Equidox is faster, easier and better

Staff were quickly up to speed and remediating PDFs faster than ever before. The features they found most useful were the table editorlist detector, and collaboration capabilities. The artificial intelligence-driven table editor allows them to remediate tables in seconds rather than hours. The auto-detection feature for lists allows them to remediate lists in a few clicks.  The cloud-based platform allows multiple users to work on large documents simultaneously to complete the work faster. DHCS is thrilled with Equidox’s time-saving and easy-to-use software.

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