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Join us for our free Webinar Wednesdays, or view past webinars on demand. Equidox provides free 30-minute webinars about Equidox software and best practices for PDF remediation to meet WCAG, 508, and ADA compliance.

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Top 8 User Support Questions - May 25, 2022 2:00 PM

Your Top 8 User Support Questions

05/25/2022 | 2:00 pm EST

You asked, we answered! Our support team is made up of real people who answer your questions while you’re using Equidox software. We’ve compiled a list of the questions Equidox users ask most often. In this webinar, our support team specialists will review these questions and answers so you can optimize your Equidox experience. These FAQs cover a variety of topics from using automated features to working with form fields and OCR to contacting support.

Join host Dan Tuleta as he leads our discussion with our support team guests, Zachary Easterling and Suzanah Johnson. 

Can’t make it on May 25th? No problem! Register before the webinar and we’ll send out a captioned recording after the event.


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