Equidox Software Videos

Have a look at our library of short videos to watch Equidox in action. See for yourself how our Smart Detection Tools and intuitive workflow can save you time remediating.

10-minute Demo

10-minute demonstration of Equidox software.  See the AI-powered smart detection tools in action.  Learn how fast remediation can be with a tool designed for novices and pros alike.

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Zone Transfer

The Equidox Zone Transfer feature allows you to copy tags from one nearly identical document to another, saving time and effort remediating. Adjust as needed to accommodate minor variations. Great for meeting minutes, repetitive recurring reports, documents that have been updated, or materials with copies in multiple languages.

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Zone Detector

Choosing how to tag content in a document is automated with Equidox.  Learn how to quickly lay out the tag zones on a page.

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Smart List Detector

Tagging list items properly in a document allows the reader to understand how the content relates and that it is a unit.  This is done in one step with Equidox software, even for nested lists.

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Smart Table Detector

Tables are a great way to organize data.  Table cells that are tagged for a screen reader to understand the columns and rows allow all readers to easily interpret the table content.  The Equidox Smart Table Detector makes all this easy and FAST.

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Equidox PDF remediation software makes accessible forms super fast and easy.  Simply add your tooltips for fields, buttons, and checkboxes, and check your work in our custom Form Preview. Equidox will build the tags for you on export!

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Headings are an integral part of navigating documents and websites with a screen reader.  They function much like newspaper headlines for people reading print, showing what content is on a page without the need to read each word, allowing the reader to find relevant information.

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Images cannot be understood by screen-reading technology.  Any image in a document or on a web page should be labeled with Alt Text (alternative text) to explain to the reader what is being portrayed.

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Equidox Vs Adobe

How Equidox PDF Remediation software compares to Adobe Acrobat.

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Equidox AI

Equidox AI is a fully automated solution for bulk remediation of recurring, repetitive documents like statements and reports.

Equidox is trusted by…

Hill College Logo

Hill College

Using Equidox reduced the amount of time spent on remediating a PDF by 70%.

This is my third year using Equidox and I will continue to use this valuable tool to support our digital accessibility initiative.

~ Phillip Esparza

Huntsville Library Logo. Create Explore Connect

Huntsville Library

Equidox is high on my list of exemplary customer-focused service providers… What took staff sometimes over an hour in Adobe is completed in minutes including reviewing with a screen reader. 

~ Julie Kent, Hons. B.A., M.L.I.S., eLibrarian

City of Oakland Park Florida Seal

City of Oakland Park

Staff loves using Equidox  to make PDFs ADA compliant. It’s so much faster than Adobe. We started fixing our documents right away. Our  investment was recouped very quickly.

– Robin Greco, Deputy Clerk

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