Making PDFs Accessible for Everyone

Equidox is the fastest and easiest PDF remediation software available on the market. Our software ensures your PDF content is ADA, 508, and WCAG compliant. Mitigate your risk of accessibility lawsuits and make your content usable by everyone. Available either cloud-based or on-premises.

Why make your PDFs accessible?

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Avoid Lawsuits

Digital accessibility lawsuits have increased over 200% since 2017. Mitigate your risk by ensuring all PDF content on your website is accessible.

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Expand Your Market

As many as 25% of the population report having a disability. Don’t miss out on this part of your market share. Accessibility can also improve SEO and boost your organization’s reputation.

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Do the Right Thing

Digital accessibility is part of inclusion. 90% of consumers value companies that show corporate social responsibility and would purchase a product because the company supports issues they care about.

The Easiest PDF Remediation Software

Equidox PDF remediation software quickly and easily converts inaccessible PDF documents into accessible and usable PDF content. No need to interact with a complex tag tree.

Document remediation can be time consuming and complex. Equidox software takes the hard work out of making PDFs accessible, saving both time and money.

  • Easy to Learn. No Expertise Required.

    Novice or pro, Equidox is so easy to use you can learn the basics in an hour with our live, webinar-style training. Free support from live experts is included with licenses.

  • Smart Detection Tools

    AI-powered smart detection tools reduce the time spent remediating by as much as 90%. Quickly identify text, images, links, and existing tags. Tag tables and lists in just a few clicks.

  • Cloud or On-Prem

    Equidox provides a secure concurrent license model that is cloud-based or on-premises for local servers. Concurrent licenses allows collaboration so you can streamline the process and meet deadlines by sharing the workload.

What are Your PDF Accessibility Needs?

I need…

Easy-to-use software that helps me make all my PDFs accessible.

Equidox software is the right tool for novices and pros alike. No expertise required. Free training and support available with license purchase. Smart Detection tools take the hard work out of remediating and save you time and money.

I need…

A solution to automate PDF remediation for high volume, repetitive documents.

AI-powered, custom-developed solutions built to automatically produce accessible PDFs on-demand. Designed for secure, bulk remediation of repetitive, recurring documents like statements and reports.

I need…

Expert service to remediate PDFs for me.

Equidox PDF remediation experts remediate your documents, validate them using screen readers, and return the documents to you in accessible, usable PDF format.

Equidox is Trusted By…

Rick Hansen Foundation

Equidox has been a great solution for us. The user interface is simple, intuitive, and easy to use… I was able to pick up and learn quickly. We’re very pleased with how Equidox has helped us resolve our digital accessibility issues.

– Amy Lin, Marketing and Communications

City of Oakland Park

Staff loves using Equidox as a solution to make PDFs ADA compliant. It’s so much faster than Adobe. We were able to start fixing our documents in-house right away. Our return on investment was recouped very quickly.

– Robin Greco, Deputy City Clerk

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Sidewalk Labs Project

We loved working with Equidox…
The Equidox team was exceptionally knowledgeable about the remediation and validation process and they were committed to meeting the highest bar.

– Megan Wald, Director of Design and Communications

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New to PDF Accessibility?

Need more information about PDF remediation? Not sure how to begin?
We’re here to help! Check out our resources below to learn more.

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Learn the basics of PDF accessibility and remediation.

Whitepaper ebook

Learn about Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and how they apply to PDF documents.

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Learn about PDF accessibility and remediation with our free on-demand and live webinars.

Resources Accessibility Fundamentals Books

Explore our library of accessibility resources including our state legislation guide, accessibility glossary, educational videos, and more.

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How can we help?

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