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Novice or pro, making your PDFs WCAG, ADA, and Section 508 compliant has never been simpler. Cloud-based or on-prem.

Anyone can use Equidox

Equidox software is designed so you don’t need special skills to remediate documents. No need to interact with a complex tag tree.  Any content creator can make their own PDFs accessible.

Equidox software enables you to remediate PDFs quickly and easily, without compromising accuracy. Our Smart Detection Tools reduce the most tedious remediation tasks to just a few clicks.

Have a look at some of our most time-saving features:

Illustration of Equidox zone detector for automated PDF accessibility

Text and Reading Order

Equidox features a Smart Zone Detector that automatically identifies text, images, and links.
Simply adjust the slider to give yourself a great starting point for remediating your document.
You can quickly reset the reading order with the “Re-Order” button, and insert elements into the reading order using a decimal system so you don’t have to renumber every element.

Equidox software screenshot showing List Detector Slider


Equidox’s Smart List Detector reduces list remediation to a few clicks.
Even nested lists are done in seconds.
Adjust the slider to create an accessible list and check your work in the HTML preview.

Equidox software screenshot showing Table Detector sliders for automated PDF accessibility.


The Equidox Smart Table Detector uses machine learning to detect rows and columns.
Adjust the column and row detectors, set your headings, check for any spanned cells, and you’re done.
Equidox even auto-populates the table summary with row and column headings and any spanned cells.

Equidox software screenshot showing Form field tooltip fields


Equidox simplifies form remediation!
Just type in your tooltips and double-check your work in the Form Preview.
No more multi-step tag creation in a complex and lengthy tag tree.
Equidox inserts the tags for you on export.

Equidox software screenshot showing Image description field


Writing alt text has never been easier.
Either write your descriptions on each page or add them all in one place in the Image Pane.
Collaborate with subject matter experts to provide complex alt text descriptions in a single location.
You can also artifact unnecessary decorative images quickly and easily.

Equidox software screenshot showing headings


Use the Equidox keyboard shortcuts to set your headings with a keystroke.

Output warnings will notify you of logical heading structure errors.

Equidox software screenshot showing Zone Transfer button for automated PDF accessibility.

Zone Transfer

The Equidox Zone Transfer feature allows you to copy tags from one nearly identical document to another, saving time and effort remediating. Adjust as needed to accommodate minor variations.
Great for meeting minutes, repetitive recurring reports, documents that have been updated, or materials with copies in multiple languages.

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"Adobe was a nightmare. It took so long to do the remediation – it wasn’t user-friendly. The Commonlook plug-in tool was cost-prohibitive for our needs. Staff loves using Equidox as a solution to make documents ADA compliant. It’s so much faster than Adobe. Equidox training was great, and it was very easy to learn. We were able to start fixing our documents in-house right away. When we need it, the support is responsive – not canned responses, but a real person helping us. Our return on investment was recouped very quickly. Equidox is well worth the money."

Robin Greco, Deputy City Clerk Oakland Park, Florida

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Features Equidox Adobe Allyant (Commonlook)
Smart Zone Detector for text, heading, image, link, and existing tag detection Checked No No
One-click reading order (including multi-columns) Checked No No
No tag-tree Checked No No
AI Table Detector Checked No No
AI List Detector (one click, including nested lists) Checked No No
HTML preview (check for accuracy as you go) Checked No No
Image alt text pane for all images Checked No Yes
Collaboration and Project Management Checked No No
HTML, PDF or ePub2 Output Checked No No
Bulk import Checked N/A N/A
Free training and free support Checked No No