PDF Remediation Services

Let our experts do the work! Whether it’s a short deadline, lack of manpower, or bandwidth, we’re here to lighten your workload. We’ll remediate your documents, validate our work with screen readers, and return the documents to you in an accessible format.

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Our Process

  • Analysis- Documents are scanned and examined by remediation experts.
  • Preparation- Anomalies detected in the analysis phase are discussed with the customer and fixed.
  • Equidox- Our team of document remediation experts use Equidox software to remediate documents to the desired accessibility standard (example: WCAG 2.0 AA).
  • Validation- All documents are validated using assistive technology and accessibility checkers.
  • Error resolution- All errors identified during the validation phase are corrected.
  • Delivery- Deliveries can be arranged through a range of processes as best suit the client

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our work. If something is not right, we will fix it free of charge.

Equidox initial validation and quality control checks verify the technical compliance of the document to your chosen standard’s success criteria using a variety of accessibility checkers. However, our document remediation specialists strive for a much higher standard than that which can be checked with automated checkers alone. After initial testing, we go on to conduct further accessibility and usability testing with screen readers.

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What We Need From You

  • Sample documents so we can build a quote
  • Your deadlines
  • Your required accessibility standards (508? WCAG?)
  • Your preferred document transfer method (we can accommodate most file sharing systems)
  • Total page count
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Equidox Software

Prefer to remediate yourself? Try our PDF remediation software. No expertise? Our software is easy to learn and easy to use. Free training and free live support with license purchase. Already an expert? See how much time Equidox Smart Detection Tools can save you.

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Equidox AI

Equidox AI automates accessibility for templated PDFs such as statements, reports, invoices, explanations of benefits, directories, and any other standardized PDF documents.