California Community College uses Equidox

CCC is the largest CC system in the world

The California Community College (CCC) system is the largest community college system in the world. With 115 campuses statewide and nearly 2.5 million students, ensuring Section 508 compliance with digital accessibility guidelines for all websites and documents can be a challenging job. CCC uses Equidox to do this work.

CCC required accessible PDFs for faculty and students

Due to the number of disabled students and online documents, the colleges needed to have documents made accessible quickly and efficiently. CCC investigated a number of possible solutions to make online PDF documents accessible for their students and staff. On completing these evaluations, the Chancellor’s office decided Equidox was the best solution for them.

Equidox was the best choice

Equidox is the only cloud-based PDF remediation solution, which allows multiple people to work on the same document simultaneously. This allows CCC to make documents accessible through collaboration. They can also assign more complex remediation elements within documents to more experienced staff. This allows others to work on the simpler aspects to complete the work more efficiently.

Equidox’s automated features make remediating easy

Equidox’s automatic text detection, automatic list detection, and artificial intelligence-driven table editor make remediating PDF documents quick and easy.  Tagging lists takes only a few clicks.  Recognize text quickly by adjusting the sensitivity slider, and reorder elements on the page in one step. Correctly tag tables after a few adjustments to the artificial intelligence interface.

California Community Colleges found Equidox to be an easy-to-use PDF remediation tool. It is easy enough to learn and use so that students, faculty, professors, and other personnel remediate their own documents. This has decreased costs relating to hiring full-time remediators and has eliminated the need for outsourcing their documents, saving both time and money.

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