Equidox AI

Fully Automated PDF Remediation

Avoid Lawsuits, Cut Costs, and Serve Customers

What if you could be ADA and Section 508 compliant and better serve your customers with disabilities? What if accessibility for those PDFs could be fully automated with significant cost savings over manual or outsourced remediation?

Equidox AI is a fully automated accessibility solution for templated PDFs such as statements, reports, invoices, explanations of benefits, directories, and any other standardized PDF documents.

  • Fully automated.
  • Significant cost savings over other solutions
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing document workflows.
  • Not a “quick fix.” Passes both automated and manual checks with screen readers.
  • WCAG 2.1, Section 508, and ADA-compliant for assistive technology users.
  • Deployment options include a customer interface, APIs, and managed service.

Use Cases

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Provider Directories

Equidox is the leader in provider directory accessibility. Equidox AI automatically makes your PDF provider directories accessible to meet Section 508 and other compliance requirements quickly, accurately, and affordably.

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Statements and Invoices

Equidox AI automates accessibility for high volumes of statements and invoices. Provide your customers access to their vital information, quickly, accurately, and affordably.

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Why Equidox AI?
Benefits of automated PDF accessibility

Equidox AI is a fully automated PDF accessibility solution for high-volume, templated documents that is cost-effective, accurate, and produces fully  accessible and compliant PDFs with no human intervention.  Mitigating your risk of digital accessibility lawsuits and including everyone has never been easier. 

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Equidox AI saves time and money. Many organizations have not implemented digital accessibility initiatives due to cost and human effort.  Equidox AI offers tremendous cost savings while eliminating the need for outsourcing or traditional remediation solutions.

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Equidox AI is a hands-off, fully automated solution. Upload your PDF documents and Equidox AI does the work, then export accessible PDFs. Minimal staff time is required. PDFs can be provided via batch processing or on-demand.

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Equidox AI machine learning and computer vision models accurately remediate your documents. PDF elements are correctly tagged for assistive technology users. This includes headings, lists, tables, alt-text, language settings, and more.

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Equidox AI meets WCAG 2.1, Section 508 and other accessibility guidelines and is not a “quick fix.” To be legally protected from digital accessibility lawsuits, it’s not enough to pass an automated accessibility checker. Equidox AI passes manual checks, including the 60-80% of accessibility issues that cannot be verified by automated checkers.

How Does it Work?

Equidox AI workflow: Choose AI Model, Run Batch, Download Accessible PDFs
Automated High-Volume PDF Remediation eBook

Free Automated PDF Accessibility eBook

Learn how automated PDF accessibility IS NOW AVAILABLE for high volumes of templated PDFs. In this eBook you’ll find:

  • How it works
  • How accurate and compliant the solution is
  • How this cutting-edge technology was developed


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Accessibility for Individual PDFs

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Equidox Software

Equidox Software enables you to remediate PDFs quickly and easily, without compromising accuracy. Our Smart Detection Tools reduce the most tedious remediation tasks to just a few clicks.

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Equidox On-Prem

Equidox has the versatility to run on a secure, on-premises local server.  Equidox will work with your in-house IT and Support teams to implement our solutions in your own secure on-premises environment, providing a fast and easy way to remediate your PDFs and make them WCAG, 508, and ADA compliant.