Equidox High Volume Solutions

Equidox offers custom-built, AI-powered, fully automated on-premises solutions for on-demand bulk PDF remediation of recurring, repetitive documents like statements and reports.

On-Prem Automation for High Volume Needs

  • Fully automated.
  • Secure and run on-premises via local servers.
  • Accessible PDFs on-demand or via batch processing.
  • Accessible and usable, not a “quick fix.” WCAG, Section 508 and ADA-compliant for assistive technology users.
  • Customized to fits seamlessly into strategic enterprise system workflows.

Skeptical? Watch our short video and learn how it works.

How Does it Work?

Analyze Customer Documents
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Use machine learning to identify page elements and potential variations
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Create a smart template to automatically apply digital tags
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Integrate into customer workflow either on demand or via batch processing
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Equidox applies correct tags
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Return accessible PDFs to the customer or the end-user
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Let Us Handle Your PDF Remediation

Tight deadline? Short staffed? Outsource your remediation to the Equidox team of experts. We will get you a quote, remediate your documents, and validate them for accuracy using screen readers.

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Zone Transfer

Not quite enough volume for on-demand automation? You can still make short work of repetitive documents with Equidox Zone Transfer. Equidox software lets you copy and paste zones from one document to another, reducing remediation time to seconds.