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Why Choose Equidox?

Partners can easily remediate large volumes of documents
for their clients including:

  • Textbooks
  • Course Catalogs
  • User Guides
  • Internal Policy manuals
  • Website documents
  • Financial statements
  • Medical information
  • Archives and Records
  • VPats
  • Newsletters
  • White papers
  • Forms
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Add Equidox to your Toolbox

There are other tools out there – but Equidox is the fastest and easiest.

  • Learn the basics in an hour
  • Up to 85% faster than most PDF accessibility remediation tools
  • Easier and more intuitive than most PDF accessibility remediation tools    
  • Full support and training available

Watch this video to see how using Equidox compares to PDF accessibility remediation with Adobe.

Video transcript




Get the Job Done

With Equidox you can get those large PDF accessibility remediation jobs finished quickly and easily.
Save up to 85% on your time.
Ask us about a free demo and our partner and referral arrangements. 


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Learn more

In this series of one-minute videos, see Equidox in action performing some of the more common PDF remediation tasks with ease.

Equidox Briefs

Equidox Software

Equidox PDF Remediation software is the fastest and easiest way to produce quality accessible documents.
Upload, Remediate, Output. It's that easy.

Equidox Software

Equidox Batch Processing

Have a large number of consistent PDF documents to remediate? Constantly producing identical PDFs with changing data? Equidox can streamline that process by developing an automation system for your documents.

Equidox is the solution to batch processing for mass PDF remediation.

Equidox Automation
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