Equidox On-Prem Options

Equidox offers on-prem solutions to meet even the most rigid security requirements.

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Security concerns? Not with On-Prem

If Fed-Ramp requirements and sensitive data limit your PDF remediation tool options, Equidox has the solution. Equidox will work with your in-house IT and Support teams to implement our solutions in your own secure on-prem environment. We provide the technology, you provide the environment.


Same software, on secure internal servers

The on-premise version of Equidox is a web-based application that is designed to run on an organization’s own enterprise technology infrastructure as a virtual appliance. This virtual appliance is a pre-configured virtual machine (VM) image in an .ova file format that runs on a hypervisor such as VMWare or VirtualBox.

With all of the core functionality of the cloud-based SaaS version of Equidox, the on-premise version was developed to allow users to remediate inaccessible PDF documents without storing any potentially sensitive document data outside the confines of their organization’s network.

  • No data outside your network
  • No cloud dependencies
  • No internet access required

How it works

Each VM image is Linux-based and includes the primary components of the system: core application, artificial intelligence (AI), and datastore.

Equidox On-Prem Components: Equidox Core, Artificial Intelligence Engine, Datastore

Primary Components

  • Equidox core application
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) engine
  • Datastore


Setup Options

The entire application can either run from a single VM, or be configured to run in a multi-server mode where the core application, datastore, or AI can run on separate virtual machines. This allows for the ability to scale the application to meet the processing needs of the users. Additional storage can also be attached for increasing capacity as well as for data backups.

  • Single VM
  • Multi-server mode with separate VMs
    • Core
    • AI
    • Datastore
  • Attach additional storage for capacity and/or data backups

IT User Interface

A user interface is provided to allow an IT admin to configure the system settings on startup, view system status, and install packaged updates.

  • Configure start-up system settings
  • View system status
  • Install updates

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

The following represents the minimum requirements for resources allocated to a single VM instance running the on-premise version of Equidox for approximately 20-25 users:

  • 4 CPUs
  • 8 GBs of RAM
  • 100 GBs of hard drive storage

Flexible Options for Scale-up

Equidox on-prem provides many flexible options for scale-up, depending on the load and number of documents.

  • Allocate more resources to the VM instance
  • Scale the system to multiple VMs

In the case of additional virtual machines, each would need to have the minimum resources allocated to it. The hard drive storage requirement could vary for different configurations.

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On-Prem Software

Equidox software now available as an on-prem solution! Faster, easier PDF remediation without having to share any data with the cloud!

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Equidox AI On-Prem Solutions

Have repetitive, high-volume documents created monthly, such as billing or financial statements, that need to be accessible? Do it on-prem with Equidox AI! Let our team build a machine learning model to suit your unique documents. Our flexible solution accurately detects even documents with variations. Implement the solution in-house so you’re not compromising any security… no data leaves your facility.

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