30 days of Inclusive Water Cooler Chat

Office workers chatting by the water cooler

30 Days of Inclusive Water Cooler Chat 

If your organization truly demonstrates inclusive accessibility culture, here are some things you might hear around your water cooler: 

  1. “Don’t forget to caption your new product video”
  2. “Make sure you include a place where people can request any necessary accommodations in the registration form.”
  3. “This is a very detailed report.  Let’s make sure there are headings.”
  4. “This graph should have the data table included so people using assistive technology can understand it”
  5. “We need a tool to remediate these legacy documents from our website.”
  6. “Check that the location for our upcoming seminar is accessible for people with mobility issues”
  7. “We need to choose a different software for this.  The one we have isn’t accessible.”
  8. “We’re changing payroll companies.  The new company has accessible online forms.”
  9. “It’s time for our semi-annual website review.  Please review your content to be sure it meets our accessibility guidelines.”
  10. “We’re redesigning our mobile app to be more accessible.”
  11. “Let’s compile a list of vendors who can provide Braille documents, real-time closed captioning, and help us build accessible web content.”
  12. “All staff are invited to attend accessibility training next month”
  13. “We received an email that our registration form is inaccessible.  I’m going to get that fixed today.”
  14. “I think we need to change the colors on this document – there isn’t enough contrast.”
  15. “Did you post the transcript for this recording?”
  16. “We need to add a short summary for these training articles.”
  17. “We received a complaint about this form on our website.  Can you get it fixed right away?”
  18. “We need to find a vendor who can remediate these documents faster”
  19. “Let’s schedule a website audit because we haven’t reviewed our accessibility since the website was updated last year.”
  20. “I’d like to introduce our new ADA compliance officer.”
  21. “We need to add alt text to all these images in this financial report before we publish it on the website.”
  22. “There will be construction in the building this week.  We are adding some automatic doors and more accessible doorknobs.”
  23. “We’re meeting with our new accessibility consultant this week.  They can help us design our accessibility plan and audit our website.”
  24. “If you have questions about accessibility on your content, please contact the Compliance Officer.”
  25. “I’ve run an accessibility check on the new Employee Manual and used a screen reader to review.  It’s ready to publish.”
  26. “I’ve ordered Braille copies of our brochure and marketing flyers for the conference.”
  27. “Some employees have mentioned our open office plan can be distracting.  We’ve set up some quiet offices with doors you can use and you can request noise-canceling headphones if you need them.”
  28. “I’ve arranged a focus group of people with disabilities to discuss our website and our product.”
  29. “Please review all links on our website and make sure the link text is descriptive so people know what they are clicking on.”
  30. “These images need to go next to the text, not behind.  It’s too hard to read. Also, we should make the print larger and use a sans serif font.”

Employees in organizations that possess inclusive accessibility culture think about how their work affects people with disabilities every day.  They think about how to be more inclusive, more accessible and easier to find and understand every day. Staff members encourage and support one another’s efforts to make accessibility happen.  And they don’t let inaccessible materials slip by. They reach everyone.  

Would you like to reach everyone with your inclusive accessibility culture?  Contact us to learn how. 


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Tammy Albee

Tammy Albee | Director of Marketing | Equidox Tammy joined Equidox after four years of experience working at the National Federation of the Blind. She firmly maintains that accessibility is about reaching everyone, regardless of ability, and boosting your market share in the process. "Nobody should be barred from accessing information. It's what drives our modern society."