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Digital Accessibility Services

  • Website Testing – We will conduct both automated and manual testing sitewide, or to your required scope, to ensure all access barriers are identified and fixed.
  • Mobile & Tablet Testing – Our accessibility experts will review your apps and mobile web on a range of small screen devices to ensure accessibility for all users.
  • Website Auditing & Reporting – In-depth accessibility audit of your website, carried out by our expert accessibility consultants with reports tailored to your needs.
  • Document Testing – Assistive Technology users will check the accessibility of your documents before distribution to identify any issues that need to be fixed.
  • Document Conversion – Our experts convert inaccessible documents into accessible document formats.
  • Document Remediation – Our remediation specialists will transform inaccessible files into WCAG 2.0 compliant documents.
  • Accessibility 101 Training – Learn the basics of accessibility, including who does it benefit? What are the laws and standards? What is accessibility anyway? The WCAG philosophy.
  • Advanced Accessibility Training – Understanding the WCAG guidelines. Introduction to accessibility testing. Content accessibility online and offline.
  • Topic Specific Training – Targeted training on virtually any topic from web accessibility testing, to fixing PDFs, to WCAG 2.1 and the future of accessibility. Tell us your needs and we can meet them.
  • VPAT Completion – VPATs are essential for vendors looking for government contracts. Accurate completion by our experts may make all the difference.
  • Policy Development – Becoming compliant is only half the battle. Our experts help construct the right policies and practices to get compliant and stay compliant.
  • Consulting Services – Our expert consultants can guide you through full accessibility enculturation, prioritization, and planning. Learn to build infrastructure to be accessible and stay compliant.
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Benefits of our Accessibility Services

  • Improve knowledge of accessibility.
  • Develop an accessible and compliant website.
  • Consult accessibility experts.
  • Reduce legal exposure.
  • Increase usability and accessibility.
  • Procure government contracts.

Why Onix?

Onix is a leader in accessibility and will work with you to help you meet the digital accessibility needs of your customers and employees. We offer comprehensive accessibility solutions, including Section 508, WCAG 2.0 and ADA compliance services.

We are your accessibility partner that has the expertise to help you succeed and who is dedicated to ensuring accessibility compliance. We combine knowledge, experience and efficiency to offer accessibility services that cover both conventional and new technologies.

We Are Ready to Help

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Additional Resources

WCAG Resources. Get Informed. Become Compliant.

In response to regulations mandating organizations to make online content accessible to people with hearing, cognitive and visual impairments, the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative established a set of guidelines titled WCAG 2.0.

Our WCAG Resources

Need Important Web Accessibility Insights?

Whether you work for a government agency, educational institution or for-profit business, you need to be informed about web accessibility. Subscribe to our blog for accessibility news, peer best practices and technical how-tos.

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Remediating Your Own PDF projects?

Use Equidox software and decrease conversion time and costs by 60%. Equidox is a self-service, automated solution that easily converts inaccessible PDFs into WCAG 2.0 AA-compliant HTML and accessible PDF and EPUB 2 content.

Convert Your Own PDFs