Webinar: NFB and Equidox Document Accessibility

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Recently, AccessText Network invited representatives from Onix and the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) to conduct a webinar regarding the importance of accessibility, including document accessibility, for organizations. Conversion specialists from Onix also gave a live document conversion demonstration using Equidox by Onix™, the cloud-based software application that quickly and easily converts inaccessible PDFs into accessible PDF, HTML and EPUB content. Watch the webinar below to discover:

  • The importance of accessibility, including document accessibility, for organizations.
  • A live demonstration and document conversion using the Equidox application.
  • A Q&A session with additional information on the features, functionality, and capabilities of Equidox.

The guest speakers were:

  • Pat Needles, Equidox Sales Manager at Onix
  • Dan Tuleta, Equidox Account Manager at Onix
  • Eric Duffy, Director of Access Technology at the NFB
  • Ryan Pugh, Access Technology Analyst at the NFB


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