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Similar documents happen all the time

How many times have you started making a PDF accessible, only to realize it was very similar to a document you remediated before? Do many of your organization’s documents have similar layouts and page elements? Does your organization use templates for reports or presentations? What if you could take advantage of those similarities to save time making your PDFs accessible? 

Now you can. Page Match by Equidox automatically suggests zone layouts that you can apply to your current document using machine-learning analysis of previously remediated pages. Equidox analyzes your current page, scans a library of previously validated pages from your organization, and suggests potential matches of already accessible pages. 

How does Page Match work?

Page Match Check

Once you’ve uploaded your document and enabled Page Match, the Equidox machine-learning engine compares each page to a stored database of your organization’s validated pages. 

You can accept or reject the Page Match suggestions. Then choose the one that most closely fits the page you are currently remediating. Equidox applies the zone layout to the current page. Finally, make any necessary adjustments to complete the page, often in a few seconds. 

As your organization continues to make PDFs accessible using Equidox, each page that is “marked validated” is added to your database for the machine learning engine to check. The more pages you remediate, the more options you have for suggested Page Match options. 

What if there’s not an exact match? 

Often Page Match will offer suggested page layouts that aren’t quite perfect.  Headings might be different, or some of the paragraphs of text might be slightly different in size. Simply correct those heading levels, adjust the zones around paragraphs, make any other adjustments needed to complete the remediation of the page, and save your work. You can save a significant amount of time starting with the suggested Page Match zone layout over starting from scratch. 

How does Page Match compare to Zone Transfer

Zone Transfer copies every zone on all pages from one document to another. It can remediate the entire document in one go, provided the documents are very similar or nearly identical. With Zone Transfer, you need to choose a document from which to copy zones. Page Match finds and suggests layouts for you. Page Match suggests zone layouts page by page. Both of these revolutionary Equidox tools allow you to adjust the zones to ensure full accessibility. 

How do I know which to use?

Zone transfer is best used on full documents that are similar or nearly identical. Good examples are updated or edited documents that were previously remediated, identical documents produced in multiple languages, or regularly produced reports that have an identical or nearly identical layout for the entire document. 

Page Match is best for templated documents, system-generated reports and statements, documents compiled from sections of other, previously remediated documents, and documents that contain similar pages but aren’t fully exact or near exact copies. 

Automation is the future

Equidox software is constantly striving to make PDF remediation faster and easier. Page Match and Zone transfer drastically reduce repetitive and manual tasks needed to make your documents accessible. These advanced features can save you as much as 90% of your time spent remediating.  

Ready to see it in action? Contact us for a free demonstration of Page Match and Zone Transfer with our Equidox PDF accessibility software. 


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