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Contact: Pat Needles
Executive Vice President of Sales
Equidox PDF Accessibility Solutions
Phone: 216-529-3030

LAKEWOOD, OH (May 24, 2023) – Equidox Software Company, the creator of premier PDF accessibility solutions, has developed Equidox AI, a new solution to fully automate PDF accessibility for high-volume documents. This ground-breaking technology is designed for a variety of system-generated and templated PDFs and is game-changing for making large quantities of PDFs digitally accessible. 

“Whether you have thousands or millions of pages, Equidox AI makes them accessible with no human intervention,” says David Freelan, lead data scientist for Equidox. “We train our AI models to accurately tag PDFs for fully compliant documents so that they will pass not only automated checkers like PAC 2021 and the Adobe checker, but also a manual review with screen readers.”

Remediate PDFs without outsourcing 

Many industries are mandated by law to make their documents accessible. That includes high-volume, system-generated PDF documents such as customer and policy statements, healthcare directories, invoices, reports, and many more. Making an enormous volume of documents accessible can be a massive time and staff investment or an extremely costly outsourcing project. Equidox AI is a simple, easy-to-use automated process that eliminates the need to outsource or overburden internal resources.  

“Equidox AI is the perfect fit for organizations with large quantities of mass-produced PDFs such as banks, insurance, and healthcare companies,” says Tim Needles, CEO. “All those statements, ID cards, and policy documents can be made accessible at a fraction of the time and cost while meeting ADA requirements.” 

Comply with legal requirements and defend against lawsuits

Courts have long held that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires websites and digital documents, including PDFs, to be accessible for people with disabilities. Last year, the Department of Justice published an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking starting in 2023 for digital accessibility regulations under the ADA. This means organizations will face increased legal pressure to make their content accessible.

Existing laws, such as Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and Section 1557 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, clearly mandate digital accessibility for any organizations that receive money from or do business with the federal government.

With the number of digital accessibility lawsuits continuing to rise, organizations need to prepare to meet those accessibility requirements. For those producing thousands or millions of PDFs, manual or outsourced PDF remediation is impractical. Equidox AI solves the problem with its cutting-edge PDF accessibility technology. 

About Equidox

Equidox Software Company enables PDF accessibility through intelligent, automated solutions. Equidox AI is an automated solution for remediating high volumes of system-generated or templated PDFs. Equidox also offers best-in-class, AI-powered PDF remediation software that simplifies accessibility for individual documents. 

Equidox is based in Lakewood, Ohio.

For more information, visit our Equidox AI High Volume page. Or call us at 216-529-3030 to set up a demonstration to see it for yourself. 



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Nina Overdorff

Nina comes to Equidox with years of sales and marketing experience from a variety of industries and holds a BS in Language Arts Education. Nina has a passion for words, storytelling, and information, which she believes everyone should have access to regardless of ability. After spending time as a teacher with a blind student, she became much more aware of the limitations and abilities of web accessibility, and how essential it is to those experiencing disabilities. “Being able to access information equally ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity for education, employment, and success in life.”

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