Equidox AI vs Equidox Software: What’s the difference?

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Equidox has used automation in its PDF accessibility solutions for years, some of which have been powered by artificial intelligence (AI). So how is Equidox AI, our new high-volume solution, different from Equidox Software, our best-in-class SaaS software for individually produced PDFs? 


What is Equidox AI?

Equidox AI is a completely automated PDF accessibility solution which the Equidox machine learning team trains specifically to fit each unique batch of documents. It is a perfect solution for tagging templated documents post-processing, meaning they are made accessible after the PDFs are generated (the templates used to create the PDFs don’t change). It is best suited for templated documents because the engine is trained to identify specific features that apply to a unique set of documents. Use cases include recurring monthly reports, financial statements, customer  invoices, directories, and more.

Users can upload entire batches of PDFs and start the process, then Equidox AI applies tags to every document as defined in the trained Equidox AI engine, even when there are slight variations. Once Equidox AI has completed remediation, users don’t have to do anything else except pass the accessible PDFs on to their clients.

Equidox AI is not a “quick fix.” To be legally protected from digital accessibility lawsuits, it’s not enough to pass an automated accessibility checker. Equidox AI passes manual checks, including the 60-80% of accessibility issues that cannot be verified by automated checkers. 

Key unique features:

  • Completely automated
  • Exclusively for templated, high volume documents
  • Tags PDFs for accessibility by the thousands (or more) all at once via batch processing (or on demand). 


What is Equidox Software?

Equidox Software is the SaaS product on which Equidox has built its business for years. It is significantly faster (in some cases, over 90% faster) and easier than any other PDF remediation software on the market; however, it is not fully automated. Human users still guide the process to ensure accurate tags, reading order, and alt text.

Automated software features

Equidox has automated features to apply tags to PDF elements which the user has identified using Zones. For example, as a user uploads a document, the Zone Detector automatically identifies areas of text and marks them as text zones. Then the user can adjust these as needed for perfect accessibility. Once all zones are correctly identified, Equidox automatically applies corresponding tags upon export. Equidox software has AI-driven Smart Detectors for lists and tables as well, which significantly reduces the time needed to remediate these complex elements. 

A user can also choose to replicate the zone structure of one document and automatically apply its tags to another PDF when re-remediating a document using Zone Transfer. Additionally, users can choose the Page Match feature to automatically search through previously remediated, validated documents and suggest similar zone structures on a page by page basis. Once Page Match identifies a close match, the user can accept the zones, make any minor adjustments manually if necessary, and Equidox then automatically applies corresponding tags as necessary.

Equidox Software does not require any direct tag tree interaction because it applies tags automatically once zones have been detected, making it the easiest PDF accessibility software available for individual documents. It’s perfect for marketing documents and other individually produced PDFs. 

Key Unique Features:

  • Automated features guided by user
  • Perfect for individual, unique documents or low-volume templated PDFs
  • Remediate documents individually, although tag structures can be quickly copied and pasted onto identical documents or pages


Two solutions to solve all of your PDF remediation needs

Equidox offers Equidox AI to automate PDF accessibility for all of your templated, high-volume documents, and Equidox Software to help you remediate individual documents quickly and easily.

If you’re producing customer documents like invoices, statements, reports, directories, and more as PDFs, contact us to see how Equidox AI can fit into your workflow and automate PDF accessibility. Not sure which solution will fit your needs? Call us at 216-529-3030 or contact us for more information.


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Nina comes to Equidox with years of sales and marketing experience from a variety of industries and holds a BS in Language Arts Education. Nina has a passion for words, storytelling, and information, which she believes everyone should have access to regardless of ability. After spending time as a teacher with a blind student, she became much more aware of the limitations and abilities of web accessibility, and how essential it is to those experiencing disabilities. “Being able to access information equally ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity for education, employment, and success in life.”

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