5 Ways Equidox Software Makes PDF Accessibility Easy

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Equidox PDF Accessibility Solutions has one goal- to make PDF accessibility easy. We’ve spent years developing automated tools to make PDF remediation fast and easy enough for any content creator to use, even if they are not accessibility experts. In addition to our completely automated solution for templated, system-generated documents, our software incorporates machine learning and computer vision to reduce the more tedious remediation tasks to just a few clicks. Here are the top five ways Equidox makes PDF accessibility easy.

1. Zone Detector

Equidox identifies page elements and creates “zones.” When the document is uploaded, the Smart Zone Detector creates suggested zones on each page. The user can adjust the zones using a slider tool. Each zone can be identified as text, table, list, image, etc., and remediated using other automated tools, such as the Table Detector or List Detector. Then Equidox applies the correct digital PDF tags for each zone upon output.

2. Table Detector

The Equidox Smart Table Detector uses machine learning to detect rows and columns. Create a zone around the table, and choose Table Editor. Then use the Smart Table Detector row and column sliders to adjust the columns and rows. Next, set your headings, check for any spanned cells, and you’re done. Then click on the HTML preview to make sure the table looks as it should. Equidox even auto-populates the table summary with the number of row and column headings and any spanned cells.

3. List Detector

Equidox’s Smart List Detector reduces list remediation to a few clicks. Even nested lists are done in seconds. The Smart List Detector identifies where each list item is and, for nested lists, its “parent” item. Simply create a zone around the list items, change the zone to List, and adjust the Smart List Detector slider until Equidox properly identifies the items. You can choose bulleted or numbered list delimiters.Then check out the HTML preview to make sure assistive technology will “see” the list the same way a sighted user will. 

4. Zone Transfer

The Equidox Zone Transfer feature allows you to copy tags from one remediated document to another, nearly identical document, saving time and effort remediating. After remediating the first document, save the zone tag layout. Then upload a second, identical document and choose the Zone Transfer button. Choose the saved zone layout file from the original document and upload it to the new document. Adjust as needed to accommodate minor variations.

Great for meeting minutes, repetitive recurring reports, documents that have been updated, or materials with copies in multiple languages.

5. Page Match

Page Match is very similar to Zone Transfer, except it automates the remediation process by searching through your organization’s archive of remediated pages in Equidox. When documents are imported, machine learning compares each page to a stored database of your validated documents. It searches for pages that are similar and provides suggested layouts. Simply click the Page Match checkbox on the remediation page and choose from several potential matches. The remediator can accept or reject the suggested match and edit any minor variations for a fully accessible page. As your organization remediates documents, the validated pages are added to your database of accessible, remediated pages for Page Match to suggest from. The more pages that are validated, the larger the pool of options for Page Match to analyze. 


Equidox makes PDF accessibility faster than any other solutions on the market. Automated features make it easy enough for every content creator to remediate their own PDFs. Call us at 216-529-3030 or contact us to discuss how we can help you meet your PDF accessibility goals.


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Nina Overdorff

Nina comes to Equidox with years of sales and marketing experience from a variety of industries and holds a BS in Language Arts Education. Nina has a passion for words, storytelling, and information, which she believes everyone should have access to regardless of ability. After spending time as a teacher with a blind student, she became much more aware of the limitations and abilities of web accessibility, and how essential it is to those experiencing disabilities. “Being able to access information equally ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity for education, employment, and success in life.”

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