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California State Law AB 434 - Website Accessibility Requirements

CHAPTER 5.6. Department of Technology 11546.7

(a) Before July 1, 2019, and before July 1 biennially thereafter, the director of each state agency or state entity, as defined in subdivision (e) of Section 11546.1, and each chief information officer appointed under Section 11546.1, shall post on the home page of the state agency’s or state entity’s Internet Web site a signed certification from the state agency’s or state entity’s director and chief information officer that they have determined that the Internet Web site is in compliance with Sections 7405 and 11135, and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, or a subsequent version, published by the Web Accessibility Initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium at a minimum Level AA success criteria.
(b) The Director of Technology shall create a standard form that each state agency’s or state entity’s chief information officer shall use to determine whether the state agency’s or state entity’s Internet Web site is in compliance with the accessibility standards specified in subdivision (a).

(Added by Stats. 2017, Ch. 780, Sec. 1. (AB434) Effective January 1, 2018.)


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