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Equidox vs. Adobe

Watch this Equidox video to see how using Equidox compares to PDF accessibility remediation with Adobe.

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Equidox Briefs


Headers are an integral part of navigating documents and websites with a screen reader.  They function much like newspaper headlines for people reading print, showing what content is on a page without the need to read each word, allowing the reader to find relevant information.

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Images cannot be understood by screen-reading technology.  Any image in a document or on a web page should be labeled with Alt Text (alternative text) to explain to the reader what is being portrayed.

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Sensitivity Slider

Choosing how to tag content in a document is automated with Equidox.  Learn how to quickly lay out the tag zones on a page.


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Tagging list items properly in a document allows the reader to understand how the content relates and that it is a unit.  This is done in three easy steps with Equidox software.

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Tables are a great way to organize data.  Table cells that are tagged for a screen reader to understand the columns and rows allow all readers to easily interpret the table content.

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Like these Equidox videos? Training and support for Equidox software are included.  We will schedule training sessions and provide follow-up support, and a full User Guide including instructive screenshots.

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