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Equidox offers easy-to-use PDF remediation software and expert PDF remediation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Equidox PDF accessibility software and services.

What type of remediation software licenses are available?

Equidox provides an annual, renewable, concurrent user license model. Organizations purchase a specific quantity of licenses (2, 5, 10, or organization-wide), but can have an unlimited number of named users. For example, a 5-user license can have 20 or more named users, and up to 5 users can be logged in and remediating documents at any given time. Equidox can also operate with single sign-on (SSO) services.  Equidox software is available as a cloud-based web application, or as an on-premises application within your organization’s infrastructure as a virtual appliance.

Is there training available for Equidox software?

Training is included with all license purchases at no additional cost. Initial training sessions are scheduled with your team or teams, and follow-up sessions can be requested if necessary. Additionally, Equidox offers monthly free webinars that cover more in-depth topics, new features, and concepts like prioritization and workflow planning.

Is there support available for Equidox software?

Equidox offers free software updates and support with license purchases. This includes a user guide with step-by-step instructions and screenshots, as well as instructional videos. We also have regular release notes (we promise, they are not boring!) as well as human support available from the HELP button within the software.

How secure is Equidox software?

  • Equidox’s upload process is encrypted using Google Standards SHA-256-RSA
  • Data stored in Google Cloud Storage is encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in Galois/Counter Mode (GCM)
  • Storage Device data is encrypted with AES128 for hard disks (HDD) and AES256 for solid-state drives (SSD) (review Google cloud platform standards, regulations, and certifications here: https://cloud.google.com/security/compliance/#/ )
  • Original PDF documents are stored in a Google Storage instance. These files may be “archived,” or “backed-up,” but can also be destroyed, upon request.
  • The Equidox Google Storage instance, GCP, is deployed in the US- Central (Iowa) Data Center. There is also an instance deployed in the Canadian (Montreal) Data Center.
  • Documents that fall under privacy legislation or Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act in Canada (PIPEDA) have other options (such as a Virtual Private Cloud network) and can be stored in other locations upon request. Some options will incur additional costs.

Does Equidox have a built-in accessibility checker?

Equidox strongly recommends validating all documents using a screen reader after remediation to ensure full usability. Equidox provides an HTML Preview that allows you to visually check headings, links, lists, tables, and reading order. Additionally, Equidox features Output Warnings that catch machine-definable elements such as alt text for images, heading structure, broken or missing URLs for links, missing tooltips for form fields, missing table summaries, and untagged pages.

How are Equidox professional document remediation services priced?

When you employ our expert team to remediates documents for you, Equidox will request sample documents for evaluation. We will create custom quotes based on your unique files. After evaluating page counts, complexity, and the required timeline, a quote will be developed.

For example, lower-priced documents might contain only text. Documents containing complex tables or infographics might fall under mid-complexity. Documents containing form fields and documents that have been scanned that require large amounts of OCR (optical character recognition) would qualify as high-complexity and be priced accordingly.

How do we know documents the Equidox team remediates are accessible?

Documents remediated by our team not only pass accessibility checkers but are also completely usable for people who employ assistive technology to access digital content. After remediating documents, the Equidox team carefully validates each of them using a screen reader to verify accuracy and usability. Equidox provides fully accessible documents so all of your customers and website visitors receive the same experience.

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