Accessible Provider Directories

Equidox AI is a PDF accessibility solution that makes provider directories Section 508 compliant automatically.

Avoid Lawsuits, Cut Costs, and Serve Customers

Providing digitally accessible Provider Directories for your healthcare customers is required by law. But it can be a drain on staff time and your budget. Additionally, meeting publishing deadlines can be a challenge. We also know poor quality solutions often leave you at risk for digital accessibility lawsuits and deny your customers access to vital information.

Equidox AI automates accessibility for your regularly updated PDF Provider Directories.

  • Fully automated.
  • WCAG 2.1, Section 508, and ADA-compliant for assistive technology users.
  • Not a “quick fix.” Passes both automated and manual checks with screen readers.
  • Directories are remediated at significantly reduced cost, saving as much as half your current expense.
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Free PDF accessibility evaluation of your provider directories!

Are your PDF provider directories Section 508 compliant? A recent audit of publicly available PDF provider directories showed that over 50% were completely inaccessible, and many that had digital tags were still not usable by assistive technology users due to errors. Our experts will test whether your PDF directories are accessible and show you how to make them compliant automatically. Contact us to see if you qualify.

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Why Equidox AI?
It’s faster, better, and affordable

Equidox AI is an AI-powered solution designed by PDF accessibility experts, data scientists, and developers. It is NOT an auto-tagger. Each machine learning model is trained to identify and digitally tag text, heading structure, images, lists, tables, and to put each element in its proper reading order, even for multi-column layouts.  The solution is accurate, fast and could save you as much as half of your current expense for remediation.

Equidox AI Solves PDF Remediation Challenges

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Equidox AI makes your provider directories accessible quickly. The fully automated process can be turned around in a fraction of the time of other solutions, without sacrificing accuracy.

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Equidox AI generates accessible PDFs that fully comply with Section 508 requirements. They will pass an accessibility checker and are also usable for assistive technology customers.
It is not a “quick fix.”

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Equidox AI can save as much as half what you are currently spending to remediate your PDF provider directories.

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Improving Provider Directory Accessibility at Scale

Equidox has been collaborating with healthcare organizations to ensure provider directory accessibility, as required by law. As part of our research, we audited over 70 publicly available online PDF physician directories. Surprisingly, over 50% of these physician directories lacked tags for accessibility.  Of those tagged, many contained errors rendering the document unusable for someone who uses assistive technology to read PDFs.

Free PDF accessibility audit

Speak with our experts to learn how Equidox AI can automate PDF accessibility for your organization. Qualified organizations receive a free accessibility audit of their current solution, plus a consultation about how Equidox AI can save both time and money while still meeting your compliance goals.


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Accessibility for Individual PDFs

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Equidox Software

Equidox Software enables you to remediate PDFs quickly and easily, without compromising accuracy. Our Smart Detection Tools reduce the most tedious remediation tasks to just a few clicks.

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Equidox On-Prem

Equidox has the versatility to run on a secure, on-premises local server.  Equidox will work with your in-house IT and Support teams to implement our solutions in your own secure on-premises environment, providing a fast and easy way to remediate your PDFs and make them WCAG, 508, and ADA compliant.