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How Our Process Works

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Customized Batch Processing Applications

 Using artificial intelligence, Equidox can reduce your remediation time through automation.  Equidox takes your repetitive, consistent, large quantity documents and builds a batch processing system customized to your needs. 

What types of batch processing can we help you remediate?


  • Account and investment statements
  • Reports
  • Customer data


  • Explanations of benefits
  • Claims summaries
  • Statements
  • Billing

Government Agencies

  • Utility statements
  • Tax documents
  • Budget reports
  • Regulations and legislation

Creating Automation

Equidox is using and developing artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning processes by which the Equidox software can combine definitions of PDF elements and correctly tagged document goals to automate the remediation process.  By minutely defining the correct end goals of remediation, Equidox software is able to use artificial intelligence to auto-tag tables and lists, including nested and complex lists. We can also create models for batch processing of repetitive document samples. 

    • Artificial Intelligence – A scheme of human-like learning by machines, particularly computer systems. This can include processes like computer vision and machine learning. 
    • Computer Vision – Automation of the tasks that humans do with vision.  This includes acquiring, processing, and analyzing digital images. 
    • Machine Learning – The building of models (especially software models) that can analyze data, identify patterns, and make decisions based on learning from those data and patterns. 

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Equidox PDF Remediation software is the fastest and easiest way to produce quality accessible documents.
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