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30 minutes. Registration is free and we use the ZOOM Platform. 

Date Time Registration Links Description
December 16, 2020 2:00 PM EST Administration A review of Equidox Administration tools.  This will include how to use Groups, Labels, permissions, users, and how to manage collaboration.
Date TBD 2021
2:00 PM EST
Links, TOC, Custom Text, and OCR
Learn how to best insert links, email links, how to use our Footnotes feature, and how to set up a table of contents using our new TOC zone. Also learn how Equidox leverages the custom text along with OCR to make fixing questionable text fast and easy.

Webinar Recordings

Software Overview

An overview of the Equidox software. Reviewing the features of the software and how quickly it can remediate PDFs. We will highlight the Smart Zone Detector and the Smart Table and List Detectors.

Video transcript

Smart List Detector Demonstration

Tagging list items properly in a document allows the reader to understand how the content relates and that it is a unit.  This is done in one step with Equidox software, even for nested lists.

Video transcript

Smart Table Detector Demonstration

Tables are a great way to organize data.  Table cells that are tagged for a screen reader to understand the columns and rows allow all readers to easily interpret the table content.  The Equidox Smart Table Detector makes all this easy and FAST. 

Video transcript

Images and Alt Text Best Practices

Images cannot be understood by screen-reading technology.  Any image in a document or on a web page should be labeled with Alt Text (alternative text) to explain to the reader what is being portrayed.

Video transcript

Headings and Reading Order Best Practices

Headings are vital to navigation within a document. Reading order must be checked on any document.  What you see isn’t necessarily what assistive technology perceives.  

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Equidox Power Tools

The “power tools” of Equidox software.  Included are keyboard shortcuts, Smart Detection tools, our revolutionary reading order decimal system, and how to collaborate on large documents.   Plus a surprise new feature: Fillable FORMS! 

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Training and Support

Like these Equidox videos? Training and support for Equidox software are included.  We will schedule training sessions and provide follow-up support, and a full User Guide including instructive screenshots.

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