What if PDF remediation was automated?

Now it is!

Making PDFs accessible can be a tedious, time-consuming process. Equidox is constantly working to make PDF remediation faster and easier by incorporating AI-driven automation into our solutions. These automated tools can make PDF remediation faster and easier, without compromising accessibility compliance standards like WCAG 2.1 or Section 508.

Contact us to discuss Equidox AI, our fully automated high volume solution for system generated and templated PDFs, or our PDF remediation software, which is fully of automated features to make PDF accessibility faster than anything on the market.

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Equidox has solutions for any PDF accessibility needs.  Whether you have thousands or just a few PDFs a  that need to be remediated every month, we have a solution that will save you time and be easier and more intuitive to use. And you don’t need to be an accessibility expert to our solutions.

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Equidox AI for High-Volume Needs

Equidox AI automates accessibility for templated PDFs such as statements, reports, invoices, explanations of benefits, directories, and any other standardized PDF documents.

  • Fully automated.
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing document workflows.
  • Accessible and usable, not a “quick fix.” Passes both automated and manual checks with screen readers.
  • WCAG 2.1, Section 508, and ADA-compliant for assistive technology users.
  • Secure and run on-prem via local servers or in the cloud.
Equidox software screenshot showing Zone Detector and Re-order button

Equidox Software Automated Features

  • Smart Zone Detector auto-detects content elements such as text, images, and headings.
  • Smart List Detector auto-detects list items in seconds.
  • Smart Table Detector simplifies tagging tables by auto-detecting rows and columns.
  • Zone Transfer uses existing templates to remediate similar or updated documents for increased efficiency.
  • Page Match uses AI to suggest tag structure, reducing page remediation to seconds.

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