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Join us for our free Webinar Wednesdays, or view past webinars on demand. Equidox provides free 30-minute webinars about Equidox software and best practices for PDF remediation to meet WCAG, 508, and ADA compliance.

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Equidox Webinar Wednesdays Strategies for PDF Accessibility February 22, 20223, 2:00 PM EST

Strategies for PDF accessibility – Optimizing your workflow 

02/22/2023 | 2:00 pm EST

What’s the most efficient way to make a PDF accessible? Do you tag it from top to bottom? Do you start by setting headings? Remediate all the tables first? We’ll walk you through some best practices and a suggested workflow from start to finish. Join our host, Dan Tuleta, working through some documents with Equidox PDF Accessibility software. Have questions you’d like answered in our webinar? Email them to EquidoxSales@equidox.co


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