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Remediate Your Own PDFs Using Equidox

Say goodbye to manual PDF to HTML conversions and PDF accessibility projects that are inaccurate, time-consuming and expensive.

Equidox simplifies the process so you can:

  • Decrease conversion time and costs by 60%.
  • Reduce human error and create accurate and accessible content.
  • Spend less time converting files and focus on more strategic goals.
  • Provide autonomy to non-technical users since limited HTML, PDF and EPUB 2 knowledge is required.
  • Save money by deploying the right resources to create the most accurate document conversions.


Equidox software on a laptop and a tablet.

Powerful Features of Equidox

Get the Best Quality Conversion With Auto Detection

  • Detects and tags reading zones such as text, images, and URLs.
  • Orders the content automatically in the correct reading sequence, including multi-column formats.
  • Detects lists, including nested lists, and properly configures them for screen readers.
  • Provides a simple-to-use table editor that makes tagging table content fast and accurate.
  • Creates text through OCR technology, recognizing characters from scanned or imaged PDFs.

Create Accessible Format Selections

  • Choose between WCAG 2.0 AA-compliant HTML or accessible PDF and EPUB 2 formats.

Equidox Makes PDF to HTML Conversions and PDF Accessibility Simple

Upload and Convert

  • Simply upload PDF documents and let Equidox automatically convert text, images, URLs, lists, and tables.

Adjust and Enhance

  • Equidox allows you to make manual adjustments to tables, add image descriptions and enhance metadata.

Preview and Approve

  • Preview and adjust your document until you are satisfied. Then reassign it for review and approval.


  • Once approved, save the document to a local or shared file system, export it to an FTP server or to external content management systems. Voila! You have now converted your PDF into WCAG 2.0 AA-compliant HTML or accessible PDF and EPUB 2 content.

A Closer Look at Equidox

We Are Ready to Help

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