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Equidox Supports Fillable PDF Forms

  • Form fields
  • Field labels
  • Tooltips
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio buttons and groups
  • Lists and drop-down lists
  • Date/time fields
  • Submit buttons
  • Signature boxes

Existing elements such as formulas, calculations, and digital signatures all pass through Equidox and retain accessible tag structure. 

Man in front of his laptop with his hands in the air looking relieved because Equidox supports accessible PDF Forms

Equidox Forms Video

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Compliant fillable PDF forms

  • Job applications
  • Student information forms
  • Financial forms
  • Medical forms
  • Tax forms
  • Registration forms

Equidox can make nearly any PDF form accessible and compliant.  Simply add the necessary tooltips so assistive technology users know what to put into each form field. 



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