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Equidox can help you mitigate liability


Testing is part of your path to accessibility and helps protect your organization along that path.  Equidox testing helps pinpoint issues and provides reports you can use as a roadmap to remediation.

Having an accessibility report and plan shows your organization is working towards accessibility compliance and can mitigate accessibility complaints and legal issues.

We will provide you with a comprehensive but easy-to-follow report including both a summary and a fully detailed explanation of all issues found.


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Mobile and Small Screen Testing

Equidox can test your website for accessibility on small screens such as smartphones and tablets.  

This testing will involve both usability and testing with native screen reading technology (such as VoiceOver for Apple devices and TalkBack for Google).

We can also test your mobile app for accessibility on a variety of mobile devices and their native assistive technology.


Equidox testing is YOUR tool

Equidox will provide reporting with all accessibility testing and auditing.  These reports will contain both a summary and detailed itemization of issues outlining the following:

1. Element tested
2. Which standards or guidelines were applied
3. How the element has deviated from those standards or guidelines
4. How the problem is reproducible
5. The impact this issue can have on disabled users
6. A severity ranking to guide prioritization
7. Ways to remediate the problem.

These reports can be used to formulate a roadmap going forward and to prioritize accessibility needs. 

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