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Automating PDF Remediation

Equidox software has developed Smart Detection Tools that automate the most painful aspects of PDF Remediation. While human validation and interaction is still required, we can save you as much as 90% of the time you spend remediating. 

Our Smart Zone detector detects text, links, and images throughout your document and can be adjusted to the granularity needed for your particular needs. 

Our Smart List Detector simplifies tagging of lists, even nested lists, to a few clicks.

Our Smart Table Detector reduces the time needed to tag lists to minutes, not hours. 


Woman in front of a laptop using Equidox to remediate PDFs and make them accessible and ADA-compliant.

Smart Detection Tools

Smart List Detector

Tagging list items properly in a document allows the reader to understand how the content relates and that it is a unit.  This is done in one step with Equidox software, even for nested lists.

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Smart Table Detector

Tables are a great way to organize data.  Table cells that are tagged for a screen reader to understand the columns and rows allow all readers to easily interpret the table content.  The Equidox Smart Table Detector makes all this easy and FAST. 

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Learn how to get Equidox into your Toolbox

Stop by the product demonstration for a quick overview of our automation tools for PDF Remediation.  Want to learn more?  We are happy to schedule a personal demo using your own documents.  Learn how easy Equidox can make your PDF remediation. 

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